New Album

CD/Album Release Date – November 30 2010 **Available Now!**

Label – Interscope/Geffen Records

Double Deluxe CD (Limited Addition) – Available now via

Double Deluxe CD (w/ Bonus Christmas Track “Home For Christmas) -Available only via

**Local Store Outlets = Best Buy, Walmart, Target & Barnes & Noble**

1st Single – Second Chance : Release Date – July, 2010

2nd Single – Lay With You (Feat. Faith Evans): Release Date – Nov 2010

Track Listing:

Click Here to Listen to Song Snippets

1). “Lay With You” feat. Faith Evans
2). “Heaven”
3). “Close To You”
4). “Format” feat. 50 Cent
5). “When I See You”
6). “How Can You Love Me”
7). “Serenading”
8). “5 Seconds” feat. Fabolous
9). “Joyful”
10). “Sexy Lady”
11). “Sad Songs”
12). “The Other Side”
13). “Second Chance

‘Second Chance’ Christmas Bonus Disc 2 Tracklist:

1). “Silent Night”
2). “Christmas Without You”
3). “Heart Full of Love”

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El’s first release in 16 years.

Official Website Click Here


For Artist Info (Interscope) Click Here  


3 Responses to “New Album”

  1. To the Author of ‘The Book of EL’: First, Thank GOD! Then thank you for this Beautiful Site! When you look at all the pics of Mr EL D, the tiredness in his face in some of them, then you see the exuberance in other pics, the struggle, the laughter, the joy; you realize that this #SecondChance, this album that won’t die, this compilation of hopes, dreams and struggles with life; you actually realize that this truly comes from ‘The GOD of #SecondChances!’ I am in supreme awe! Thank you Mr DeBarge for such a Beautiful album and a return to the RnB days that we have come to know and love! You bring the remembrances of the ‘Switch Days! Thank you so much! EB 2 11 2012 ‘One day before the 54th Grammy Awards Nite!

  2. #SecondChance is GRAMMY BOUND! #FF #SecondChance from the GOD of Second Chances! Enjoy!

  3. This is too beautiful !

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