A Note From the Author

The Book of El

Writing a Legacy

Embarking on the notion of putting a site together for El DeBarge, first began as something of a legacy page to bring attention and recognition to someone who seemed to go unnoticed and unrecognized. The goal was to present a professional, comprehensive, non biased, but admirable representation of an artist, songwriter, musician and innovator.

The idea grew to be much more than just a page, but in turn became an exhibit of El’s career. In turn the site has embodied his musicianship, history & performances delivered in written commentary; becoming an experience and education for others to share in and glean from. It could only be realized through someone who is a living inspiration to & his influence on, not one but many the world over.

The inspiration behind The Book of El is not solely, although largely, impacted by just one person’s admiration and respect for the work of and sheer…

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~ by thebookofel on April 16, 2015.