A Note From the Author

Writing a Legacy

Embarking on the notion of putting a site together for El DeBarge, first began as something of a legacy page to bring attention and recognition to someone who seemed to go unnoticed and unrecognized. The goal was to present a professional, comprehensive, non biased, but admirable representation of an artist, songwriter, musician and innovator.

The idea grew to be much more than just a page, but in turn became an exhibit of El’s career. In turn the site has embodied his musicianship, history & performances delivered in written commentary; becoming an experience and education for others to share in and glean from. It could only be realized through someone who is a living inspiration to & his influence on, not one but many the world over.

The inspiration behind The Book of El is not solely, although largely, impacted by just one person’s admiration and respect for the work of and sheer faith in; but also to bring a spotlight, if not a gleaming marquee to a man’s life, his body of work, his giving spirit, and his heart to continue The Call of Music on his life.

Supporting an artist of this caliber goes beyond being a fan. It means sharing in a dream and having a dream to compliment the bigger dream. The Book of El represents Music, Belief in God Almighty, Creativity, and The Message of Love – through what El has called The Voice of his Music. This medium is designed for that purpose and that purpose alone.

A fly by night whim it is not, but a constant evolving, living, breathing creation that has taken on the feat of capturing all that his music has to offer. It will peak to the highest points that he reaches to and valley to the lows his trials may take him through. An ebb and flow of sorts – as many have discovered that Eldra’s music mirrors his life, and his music is the canvas by which he expresses himself.

The joy in presenting this Book is it has taken almost a lifetime to absorb, and then daring to deliver something that is much bigger than one individual. It’s a collaborative effort of contributing writers, musicians and individuals who respect the artistry of El. It consists of pages, chapters and volumes. The writing, images, and features are likened to poems, sonnets, and short stories, all playing out like a motion picture; complete with the score of his music to make it compelling to draw the viewing and listening audience in for more.

It can never be predetermined what all this venture will entail or reveal; since it is a real-time story, a continuous composition of music, a vision unfolding and a Legacy permanent but not complete.

Whatever the present or future may hold for El DeBarge, the platform of this forum is to embody his accomplishments, brilliance & genius of both the past, present and future.

In keeping with the original motto of this site, it will always represent El in the most genuine, authentic, musical way possible, and that is to be ‘all about the music,’ and the man is the music.

Written by TBOE
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3 Responses to “A Note From the Author”

  1. this is a nice to pay homage el debarge. im still learning about him as well him and his siblings. the debarge and switch have great muisc.

  2. It takes looking into the lives of those like El, who forge ahead with a dream, to learn where to be cautious and also where hope thrives. El is a living testimony that it takes courage to create. It is a divine experience and that divinity does not care if you are Gentile or Jew; sane or throwed off like a mug;drug dependent and misguided as hell: the race is to he who endures to the end. At least for me, Eldra Patrick DeBarge is running with his light held up to keep some of us seeing the hope that lies ahead…….therein he glorifies God. Mission accomplished Mr. DeBarge.

  3. thanks always for all the wonderful articles eldra to me is so much more than just a artist songwriter and musician it’s wonderful to have articles fans/supporters that show and tell just how much more of who he is as a person where his heart is and what’s in his heart and how he and his music has touched inspired many of people around the world that goes unrecognized. I pray that eldra will continue to inspire encourage uplift bring joy LOVE and happiness to everyone and myself no matter what we’re going through whatever dreams and goals we all want to accomplish not only by sharing his music but also by being his wonderful beautiful sexy self . I think that even if a lot of people don’t recognize how much of a true artist he is it will be recognized how much of an true inspiration he is

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