El~Ology – A Musical Crash Course

Musical Inquisition

Ever feel like you’ve missed something in the career of El DeBarge? Or maybe you’ve just discovered his music and would like to know more about what he’s done.

Have you just heard about him recently and don’t know much about his musical career, but would just like to hear SOMETHING to have a sense of who he is?

El Brown

Well here is an answer to your inquisition!

Over the next few weeks, The Book of El will attempt to give a crash course in El’s catalog of recordings. Of course this will not include everything, but it will give an overview of ‘must hear’ songs that will highlight his solo career from 1986 until now.

The purpose, is to provide a means by which all those interested in the music of El will be educated and hear for themselves why he is loved, appreciated and respected as the great songwriter, singer and producer many rave about.

Click HERE  or cut and paste this link – http://thebookofel.blogspot.com/2010/07/elology-musical-journey.html – of the first installment for your listening pleasure.

Pass this on to a friend, a new El fan, those who appreciate music and anyone whom may take enjoyment in his music, past, present and soon to come!

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9 Responses to “El~Ology – A Musical Crash Course”

  1. This page is awesome. 🙂

  2. Yea, I love El’s music! For those who are not familiar with El’s music, you will get the opportunity to see why his fans have adored him for so long. His music withstands the test of time.

  3. Great idea and nice even for us longtime fans who simply LOVE El and Can’t Get Enough!!

  4. Wonderful!!! 🙂

  5. This is so cool and beautiful !! please post all of el songs here !

  6. Nice site, this is great for people who are just discovering El DeBarge or for years and years veterans like myself who just want to hear More El DeBarge! Thanks to whoever posted this! I LIKE IT!

  7. Thank you for doing this. So many people only know of his work with DeBarge, not his solo work!

  8. You are in for a special treat. Prepare to be educated in real music.

  9. Thank you for this…im kinda new to his music and like to know more about El’s music career 🙂

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